Monday, February 9, 2015

Sleepy Hollow Inspiration

We all need downtime when doing laundry or decompressing after a long day of work, right?  So yes, yours truly watches Sleepy Hollow as a form of decompression (although my battles of matching socks in a family of 5 seem to be, at times, on the same level as demon fighting). 

If you follow Sleep Hollow too, you're aware that there are only a few episodes left this season.  So, Nick Hawley, right?  He's running around collecting this artifact and that, all with that pretty cool leather necklace with a coin on it. 

Using his necklace as inspiration, I thought I'd design a bracelet version that features the rugged look of leather, jade, and a coin (sorry Nick, this coin is a replicate!).  The final piece: The Travelers Bracelet (which part two will be making matching earrings / necklace!) :

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