Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Back to the basics. . .

Black cotton cord necklace with Mercury Dime pendantSometimes life is too complicated, you know?  I have to remember to sit back and smell the roses, or these days, sit back and watch the flames from the fireplace.

I returned to the basics at the shop - simplicity at it's best...  Mercury Dime pendants on a simple, elegant black waxed cotton cord necklace.  They sold well last year, so figured someone else this year wants one, too!

 Available at The Blue Beehive Etsy Store.

Want one created in a specific year (1916 - 1945)?  Most likely I have that year, or can get it for you.  Custom necklaces with specific stones can also be arranged. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Hera Collection 2014

     The Hera Collection 2014 arrived at the Etsy store today!  Very excited!  I worked with an artist friend of mine who covered some mojo beans with 24k gold leaf.  The results were some beautifully organic looking beans.  From there, she asked me to design some jewelry around it.  So I did - and the Hera Collection was born.

     My oldest daughter, who is interested in Greek mythology, decided the year 2014 should have a collection each month dedicated to a different Greek god/goddess.  We decided to start with Hera, whose symbol is a peacock.  The Hera Collection features the Golden Mojo Bean with an array of semiprecious stones in a variety of colors.

     The Hera Collection 2014 can be found on line at:
The Hera Collection 2014 - Etsy Blue Beehive Studio

Sunday, January 5, 2014

January Sale!

Happy (belated) New Year ! ! !  Yes, I've neglected the blog. Sorry, my bad.  Hopefully we can still be friends....  So we're getting ready at this end for "The Storm".  You know, freezing weather, nasty winds, and possible power outages.

To warm things up a bit, I'm doing an online coupon at my Etsy store from now until Friday, January 10th, midnight (EST).  "STORM15" for 15% off your purchase (doesn't include shipping), $20 min. purchase.  While I usually ship items within 24hrs, that might not be possible this week... you get a discount, but you may have to wait until the roads are cleared before I can send it to you!

Visit shop here:  Blue Beehive Studio on Etsy
So come on over and visit the store!  Picture above, Lotus Root Pendant.

Coupon code: "STORM15", 15% off purchase from now until Jan. 10, 2014 (midnight EST).