Monday, February 17, 2014

Where does the time fly?

It has been awhile since the last blog post! I'd ask where the time went, but I already know the answer.  It was passed taking care of sick kids (all better now!), shoveling snow, hauling in firewood, and keeping warm.  January was brutal, and I can't believe February is half gone!

A general shout out to all the folks who supported Blue Beehive Studio in 2013... from purchases, encouragement, sharing the site, etc.  It was an amazing year!  I stepped up the game a bit and now carry Sterling Silver pieces like the earrings below.  What I *REALLY* want to do is buy a kiln by the end of the year to produce completely unique pieces, but I have to save up for that!  We'll see how it goes....

Until then, please take a look at the new pieces found at the store!
Store Link:  Blue Beehive Studio

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