Friday, April 12, 2013

April - Fundraising Give-Away (April 12th - April 26th, 2013)

April 29th Update:

At last - potential winner for the bracelet pictured on the blog entry here:  April 12th Blog Entry.  Folks in Alabama drew a name... *HOWEVER*, online names sometimes don't match with bank records (different names, etc...).  So, name that was drawn:  Flora Pinkerton.   Flora - would you please email me (info (at) bluebeehivestudio (dot) com) or message me on Facebook at BlueBeehiveStudio with your donation date and address, I would appreciate it ! ! ! !

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So I've got a personal favor to ask...  I have a very remarkable friend who I admire from high school.  Like many folks, she got married, had a child, then separated.  Her and her ex-husband eventually found new spouses, but both stayed on great terms, in part to be amazing role models for the son they share. 

Unfortunately, her ex-husband has been recently diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer.  He and his current wife have five children, and while they have insurance, it does not cover everything.  To help them out, I'm doing a fund-raising giveaway (details below) for the charm bracelet pictured above.


1. First, help out and show support!  Please "Like" their Facebook page Team BRAD 2013  Their family is very appreciative of all the showering of support and caring words they receive. If you've already done so, terrific!

2. Please donate to help them out - donations between April 12th and April 26th midnight will be used for the draw.  They have an account at Regions, their local bank in Fayetteville, TN, as Team Brad under Brad & Michele Wright.  Give what you can, but please try to put in at least $4.00.  You can pay via PayPal (using PayPal or Credit Card) at teamBRAD2013.

3.  Lastly, when you are feeling down, what inspires you to keep going? A walk in a garden? A particular song?  Follow this blog, on Twitter @theBlueBeehive, or my Facebook page Blue Beehive Studio and if you would like, comment on what keeps you going.  Please write "TeamBrad2013" at the start of your comment, or #teamBrad2013 in Twitter.  You do not need to write what inspires you, but following one of the sites will help me contact you if you win!

On April 27th, one name will be drawn from folks who have done ALL THREE above in this give-away fundraising event, so please check back in!!!  I will post your name here, on Twitter, and on my Facebook page so you can contact me regarding your mailing address.  I will send the package to you, but you are responsible for your own state taxes (and any international taxes/fees if shipping out of the country).  Thank you!
The charm bracelet is designed in the Team Brad 2013 color blue from my shop Blue Beehive Studio.  Bracelet is rhodium plated, approximately 6.5" (can be lengthened or shortened).  Charms used are imitation turquoise, natural shell, acrylic beads, and small Swarovski crystals, with a silver plated lobster claw clasp. 

Feel free to email me at: info (at) bluebeehivestudio (dot) com if you have any questions!


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